Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas cheer

as we wind down our 2011 year, sarah and I extend to you our warmest wishes for the forthcoming christmas season.
so many, many thanks for embracing our new venture in sydney with such enthusiasm, and so much gratitude to all of our loyal perth girls who make us smile with their cheery visits.

Our sincerest thanks also go to our counter girls who have become our extended 'calico' family...perth-side, lynnie, suzie, jane, jen (just retired), anthea, kim, danielle, sally and sydney-side donna, sue, kim and sam.  you all shine brighter than the sparkliest christmas ornament, and support us without reservation... there are none better.  
thanks also to all the girls who have shared their talents and time to teach with so much enthusiasm within our walls.

we are super excited with our ongoing plans for each store as we refine and expand our collections of all things we have learned you truly love. 

finally, a little personal indulgence as I express my appreciation to sarah for her advice, support, strength and friendship for the longest time now. Sarah you are truly a very special person who juggles our balmain baby with your family daily, and for that I offer thanks and love to you, and your beautiful family.

love, hugs and happy christmas... deb and sarah

Sunday, December 18, 2011

christmas crafting

We are keeping it busy here this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I have my grand kiddies visiting and all they need for amusement are many pieces of paper and lots of coloured pens.  Too easy.

I have a few (10 actually) stockings to finish for the family...

...getting there, these are the last three.

Christmas trading hours:

 BALMAIN: close 5pm, Saturday 24th December
re-open 10am Thursday 5th January

MOSMAN PARK: close 5pm, Saturday 24th December
re-open 9.30am Thursday 5th January

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

prints charming

 How very exciting that Prints Charmings latest fabric range, Daisy Chain has landed in the Balmain store (& soon to be Mosman Park too)!

Join the girls, Cath & Kirsten, to celebrate this exciting range with a glass of champagne & to see 
 the wonderful wares that the girls have made that will truly inspire you.

Saturday, 10th December, 3pm - 5pm,
10 Birchgrove Rd,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

sophie digard in blue

Both Mosman Park & Balmain have lots of lovely new Sophie Digard pieces to choose from.  Here are some snaps from yesterday. In blue.

                                                Blue is a sapphire sky, 
                                                          On a hot summer's day, 
                                                          It stimulates the senses, 
                                                          And lets you melt away. 

                                                               Blue is the ocean, 
                                                           Deep and crystal clear, 
                                                   It draws you in and reminds you, 
                                                         Of what you hold so dear.

                                                                   Blue is a bird, 
                                                              As wild and as free, 
                                                          It never fails to give you, 
                                                        The comfort that you need.

                                                             Blue is a forget me not, 
                                                               Blowing in the wind, 
                                                            It heals and protects you, 
                                                        Even when the lights are dim.

                                                             excerpt by Mary