Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Festive Friday

Danielle had a crochet flowers class here on Friday. 

I suspect a good time was had all round indicated by the animated chat amidst the high concentration.

 Lyndel, one of our class participants, brought in some show and tell, so I am now taking it to the wider community.
Grace Farey is a very young 87 years of age, she's also Lyndel's mum and lives in NSW.

This is her latest project, knitted from our lovely Cascade yarns.

I hope you can see some of the detail, as the blocks have differing cables and patterns knitted into them.  Once joined, Grace knitted a mitred corner edging to finish it off.  The colours are so warm and the blanket quite heavy - perfect for a chilly night.  Lyndel's dog has already found it the perfect place to nest.  We were all very motivated...
then out came this beauty.

It isn't hard to imagine why Lyndel has had the drive to hand piece all of these hexagons into this lovely colourwash quilt.  I couldn't take my eyes off the variety of Liberty tana lawns that complete this top.  As such I did get a little camera happy and hope you don't object to the profusion of pics I 

and this is the back - a work of art in itself as Lyndel used magazine pages for the templates.  They are a little softer under hand with the finer lawn and make piecing easier (a tip from Lyndel's friend Freida).  It is a shame that they will come out next, as we all agreed this quilt feels luscious with the papers still in.... washing might be a tad tricky though.


I really get the warm fuzzies when a story of a young stitcher comes through our doors.  I believe that all children should be given an opportunity to play with yarn and cloth.  I know the medium will not suit all, but the only way to know is to experience it.
We have a few lost generations (I am speaking in 10 year brackets here), where stitching was not widely embraced and therefore not handed down as a skill.  I truly feel I am one of the lucky ones whose mum patiently taught me all she knew.
I think we now are turning this void around, with parents and even schools choosing to teach and encourage stitch skills again.  Any youngster visiting my home knows the fabric scrap basket is theirs to fossick through and create from.  I still manage to stitch enough to be filling it faster than they empty it, although now that my fabric choice is increasingly Liberty of London, maybe I will have to reassess this situation!

Meet Margot Shorrocks.

Mum Yolande visited Perth from Sydney some weeks back and bought Margot a flannel fabric pack and a Melly and Me pattern named Sangsang.  Over the Easter break Margot enthusiastically made up one doll, and then another as a gift for a friend.  
We were told that Margot completely made all of the doll herself with guidance from mum and is so enthusiastic that on a return visit to Perth this week, Yolande picked up some extra goodies for the next installment.

For me the sweetest part of this all is that Margot is only 8 years old.
What a gem!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While on the subject...

a little bird told me today that red pepper quilts had used as inspiration for her latest quilt my quilt made from Anna Maria Horner's little folks voiles.  How flattering... and Rita's quilt is another great combination of these fabrics. 
In reading the comments that have been left on both red pepper's and calico's blogs there is great passion for all of Anna Maria's fabrics and I thought I would make another addition to the use of her fabrics. 

About a year ago I pieced this double wedding ring from Anna Maria's good folks collection, and more recently it has been quilted.  Just a binding to go and some perle thread quilting in the centres and she is finished.  As some of you seem to be holding tight to your collections of Anna Maria's fabrics I am hoping this quilt too might inspire you to cut and stitch.

Templates from Matilda's Own (available at Calico and Ivy) make cutting and stitching manageable (I will not deceive you, curved piecing does take patience).  Use a small rotary cutter (28mm) with these templates and you are on your way.

We haven't had 'good folks' for a while now, but I can see this made in Kaffe Fassett's cottons as a definite alternative.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the quilt

When Lynn Jones began work back at calico she brought with her 'the quilt'.
Using her amazing collection of Liberty prints she has made an amazing off centre log cabin.
Many tiny snippets of special pieces have been slipped into the mix, and each round of logs represents a fabric, and no fabrics have been repeated within the quilt.
Customers drift down to the rear of the shop where this quilt is showcased, and then we don't see them again for quite some time while they absorb this amazing use of fabric.
We ourselves choose to have a bite to eat, or price new stock in the company of this quilt just so that we can tap into its soul for just a little while.

Lynnie's quilt has become a friend to us all.

Melanie from the United Kingdom emailed me the other day wishing for a larger view of 'the quilt' from the one scrolling through on our homepage banner on the website.  Ever wishing to oblige Lynn has agreed it should be showcased for all to see...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

flirty florals

Danielle and Lynn are teaching a class on crochet flowers this term.  We've had a few requests for these flirty little numbers as they can embellish any project be they textile or yarn based.

I thought I would show you some samples as they didn't get to me in time for the class list.

Lynnie was having a 'pink' moment when she began crocheting these babies.  The two larger flowers are daisys, the mid sized pinkie is a three dimensional flower made using popcorn stitch, and the teeny ones we call milleflori.

These milleflori are 'joined as you go' and with more additions a fun round cushion can be achieved.

If this sounds like the class for you, call the shop (9383 3794) and book your position as this class is scheduled for Friday April 23rd.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

our hearts are a flutter with possibilities...

knowing I have a four day break ahead I am truly a flutter with possibilities.  To knit, crochet or stitch is the burning question - and I think seeing as I might just be spending some of the time on the rocky blue Indian Ocean waters, knitting is winning out.

I have begun another chevron scarf (book with pattern available in store) using the amazing Mori silk/merino blend by Koigu.  I find the knitting process for this scarf addictive, as I choose to use two different coloured yarns (in this case m628 3 and  m830 7) and the constant colour changes that occur keep me captivated.  I also am using a pair of mum's old knitting needles (she gave me her collection many years ago) and that too keeps my heart a flutter.

I have posted the latest class newsletter this evening, and emails are out advising all of those on our mailing list.  If you do not receive such an email and would like to,  please call the shop and give us your email details, or register on the website homepage (top right hand corner).

Also a reminder that we are not opening for Saturday trade this Easter holiday...we will be open again on Tuesday to take class bookings and have a chat.

All of us at 'calico' wish you a joyful and peaceful Easter break