Saturday, July 24, 2010

On top of the world

We have had a busy, exciting and bountiful few weeks in the shop and now it is time I included you in the fun.

Pat Goodchild has allowed us to hang yet another inspirational creation...

our long awaited shipment of Alchemy Haiku (40% silk, 60% mohair) has arrived...

This yarn has to be felt to be believed, and definitely is enhanced with the exclusion of the plastic bags.

Just thought I would show you a few favourite gift lines we are selling at the moment...

We have been doing a spot of re-decorating...

and have I kept you in suspense long enough...

Yes, the new Liberty of London tana lawn seasonal collection has arrived, is on the shelves and also has been put onto the website.

We all become a little excitable, even somewhat overwhelmed with the possibilities.  This collection lends itself to to many dressmaking projects, and with Lynnie and I off to Paris in a month it is perfect timing, as a few snappy new outfits might well be in order.

and a few of my favourites...

As you can imagine we truly are on top of the world...  come join us!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amy for sale

oops...Amy ON sale

As I have a tendency to do, I have ordered copious amounts of new fabrics for 'calico' that are due to arrive over the next few months.  This leads me to the impossible task of choosing which fabrics will have to move fast to make way.  I only buy what I love, so hence the problem.

I have chosen many, many Amy Butler fabrics for this sale, and I don't imagine they will take long to find new homes...  so beautiful they are.

The cot is back out, and all the fabrics within it are $13 metre.  Minimum cut is 50 centimetres.

You might like to visit sooner rather than later for the best selection... we look forward to seeing you

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a finishing touch

I have been nesting a little lately.   The colder weather, and having my eldest daughter under the roof a little more regularly when she visits from Karratha, has made me centre a little more on snuggling up the home front.  I make subtle changes, then more dramatic ones (found an amazing antique cupboard from India the other day that now comfortably sits in our bedroom), but in all my stitching days I have never made a cover for our bed.  A quilt has never seemed right.
You know how you just have to add one right element to a room and suddenly everything else seems to fall into place?  Well the addition of the new cupboard made the bed cover dilemma a dilemma no more.  It immediately spoke of the need for a crocheted blanket.
Heidi's blanket came to mind and I knew something similar would be the answer, so away I went...

I have chosen Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino because so many colours were available to me (and Lynn suggested it might keep the weight down).
So with all of the unfinished projects I have underway, yep, I have begun another... naughty, naughty (yet truly blissful because this is how I work and I can't fight it... and I know many of you are with me on this).
I have now completed 18 blocks, each block takes around 1 hour, and I have 121 in total to make.  Sinchy!  ha...ha!

Now another inspirational blanket is that made by our Lynn, again in Baby Cashmerino.

Lynnies is finished and has a lot more pink than I dare use (still coming to grips with pink am I).

And what about this border... how perfect.

Lynnie's attention to detail is a major part of why she is such a talent.  I will settle for a much simpler edging, as I must get a project or two finished within my lifetime.

Would you like to make a crochet blanket?

Our latest class listing is now on our web page... and lots of crochet classes have been scheduled, as have knitting classes... and quilting and ... the list goes on!

If you do not receive the email notification of our class listings, and would like to, pop onto our website's homepage and in the top right hand corner is the link to follow to pop your details into and from here on in you will in the loop.  Better yet, click here, and you are right there.

That's all folks!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Winter project ideas are plentiful with many new additions to see in store.

A few scarf ideas:

This scarf is crocheted from Debbie Bliss's Rialto DK and then has strips of Liberty woven through to complete the picture.

With this diagonal weave scarf Lynn decided to stretch the skills of our more experienced knitters (and my ability to write patterns) and the effect of this stitch knitted in One Zero and larger needles is luscious.

And finally one for the men :- The Dr Who scarf (I hear rumoured that Johny Depp may be the latest Dr Who in the movie version... Hmmm...).  Knitted using Cashmerino Aran, each segment of colour equates to one ball of yarn.  Make it as long or as short as you like.

Our mannequins became quite animated with being the centre of a photo shoot.

Shall we dance?

All yarn for the projects above are available now, and with the purchase of the yarn we supply a free pattern.