Thursday, May 27, 2010

Being held accountable

I said I would take a pic of my work in progress but procrastination has been playing havoc with me.  As another week draws to a close, I finally have the first draft of my new quilt top up on the board and dared to take a pic.

This quilt changes before my eyes in interpretation, as the initial intent was for a Facet quilt from Kaffe and Liza's Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts but I am not so good at doing as I am told, and still being influenced by the mosaic on page 108, I wanted to take the imagery tighter.

Now I shall make the dark diamonds and then they will get thrown into the mix.  Maybe that will be the time to put a little more order into placement - but I think rather not!   So exciting.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


yes eggs...
amazing little things are eggs.

Tanya Wilding is a very favourite person.  We met early in my days at 'calico' and clicked immediately.  You see Tanya lives my dream life - don't get me wrong I am as happy as a little piggy in the proverbial with my life, but Tanya lives in bucolic bliss down in Yallingup.

Just about two years ago Tanya and her husband picked up their little tribe and made their seachange, and I was with her in heart all the way.  It was brave as they knew few, and the children had to adjust not only to a new school but the change in lifestyle also.  Many of us talk the talk, but Tanya and co. walked the walk... and they are a very contented lot with their new life.

Tanya paid us a visit last Friday as she has just a minor fabric addiction (Kaffe fabrics make her heart sing), and needed to satisfy the craving, and with her she delivered a dozen of beautiful fresh home eggs.  Her 'girls' have begun laying and I happily received their little gifts.

This is a little post just for you Tanya to thank you and show you just how much appreciated these little eggies are:

Yum Yum.

This is Tanya back about eighteen months ago with Marnie while doing a Snowball quilt class with Suzie.

I wish I had a piccy of her quilt as it was a showstopper, but here you can see just a peek.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The owl and the pussycat...

went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. 

This has always been one of my favourite ditties as a child - all fantasy and romance with not much connection to the real world.
It feels to me like I departed on this journey and am still bobbing around on those magic seas.
I scheduled a little 'time out' to start and finish some projects and take a creative journey, and while I am still bobbing on these waters of creativity, reality has snuck its way back into the picture.
Both projects envisaged in my last posting are taking extraordinary turns, and excitingly nothing like the original imaginings any more.  Gotta love these twists and turns.  Next posting I will make you privy (the camera battery is charging).
Lynnie Jones has a new/old caravan  coming into her life and her excitement has been very infectious within the shop.
Sock knitting projects are gathering pace, crochet is exploding into multi-coloured blankets and floral embellishments, and the soft hum of Kaffe's name is resonating as we begin preparations for his March 2011 visit.  Hmmm... all sweet sounds are playing.

Anthea has added a selection of the most appealing tees and tanks for the little one's...

and a lovely selection of larger scale buttons suitable for bags and knits are now available...

Have a wonderful day... we here are well into Autumn and the trees are glowing with warm colour, ready to shed their leaves.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I wish...

I wish for just a little teensy, weensy bit of extra time to indulge in my passions.

There really is only one way to make this wish come true...
and that is to force the issue a little...

so I won't be much seen around the shop this week.  I will hide away here at home, and maybe won't answer all of my emails, and probably won't make myself available for problem solving...

but I will play with these...

because I now have my copy of this...

and flirt with these...

and all of my wishes might just be granted.

Stay tuned and follow my progress.

By the way, you know that if I have my copy of Kaffe's new book there must be one for you too... just visit calico and ivy to pick yours up today.