Wednesday, May 26, 2010


yes eggs...
amazing little things are eggs.

Tanya Wilding is a very favourite person.  We met early in my days at 'calico' and clicked immediately.  You see Tanya lives my dream life - don't get me wrong I am as happy as a little piggy in the proverbial with my life, but Tanya lives in bucolic bliss down in Yallingup.

Just about two years ago Tanya and her husband picked up their little tribe and made their seachange, and I was with her in heart all the way.  It was brave as they knew few, and the children had to adjust not only to a new school but the change in lifestyle also.  Many of us talk the talk, but Tanya and co. walked the walk... and they are a very contented lot with their new life.

Tanya paid us a visit last Friday as she has just a minor fabric addiction (Kaffe fabrics make her heart sing), and needed to satisfy the craving, and with her she delivered a dozen of beautiful fresh home eggs.  Her 'girls' have begun laying and I happily received their little gifts.

This is a little post just for you Tanya to thank you and show you just how much appreciated these little eggies are:

Yum Yum.

This is Tanya back about eighteen months ago with Marnie while doing a Snowball quilt class with Suzie.

I wish I had a piccy of her quilt as it was a showstopper, but here you can see just a peek.

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