Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Week!

Isn't it always difficult to get back into the groove after a break?  Slowly I am catching up on all of the Calico and Ivy background activities and the class list will be available on our website this coming Monday.

Pat Brown visited this week with her version of Danielle's crochet hexagon blanket.


Pat and her wonderful wide smile.


Pat has embraced crochet enthusiastically.  With a new grandchild around the corner she has whipped up this marvel for the nursery, and has now moved on to Suzie's Taiyo crochet blanket.

Danielle Turner will be teaching the technique for the hexagons in a class this term.  Also available now is a pattern for the blanket priced at $20.00,  a collaborative work by both Danielle and Lynn Jones.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Danielles

Danielle O:
My gorgeous daughter Danielle is visiting from Karratha for a while with her boyfriend Nick.
She popped into the shop (centre of pic, with Nick and Anna) for her first visit to the new 'Calico'.
She also showed me her first completed quilt top...

I have been giving her fat quarter packs as new collections hit the shelves, and this is her interpretation of the Amy Butlers.  Proud mum here!

Danielle T:
I arrived at the shop for my Tuesday fun day, and was greeted with a surprise gift from our Saturday Danielle.
As featured on her blog, I was the lucky recipient of one of her delightful bags, made from her amazing collection of Liberty Tana Lawn.
Many thanks... just love it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Harking back to Houston...aquisition 2

Every time I look upon, touch and love this quilt top, my heart skips a few beats and I feel just so privileged to be the current custodian of this very precious textile piece.

 It was either Lynn or Sarah (my travelling companions) who rummaged through a huge pile of quilt tops, and came upon this wonder, but I was the lucky one who carried it home.

The quilt top is made of 9744 tiny 5/8" finished squares, all hand stitched in American piecing style.  Add to this the border strips as shown above and it was a monumental undertaking for it's maker.

The border treatment clinched the deal, as it is so similar to the style of border I have used on many of my own quilts.

The fabrics are all holding their colour well, but a few tears in the stitching have occurred over time, and a few coffee coloured stains are showing, but to me these add to the character of the piece, and just make me love it more.
How lovely it is with the sun streaming through the patches - such a work of art.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Joy... to spend time with a truly happy collection of customers yesterday see so many country girls, great to catch up again

Joy...simply to be back

 snippets from the shop - the cooling powers of white

Suzie's crochet afghan is attracting lots of attention as it is quick and cool under hand...the Noro Taiyo yarn she chose has exquisite colourings.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Harking back to Houston...aquisition 1

While in Houston for quilt market I was so drawn to the vintage stands that it was inevitable I would bring some goodies home.

I have always been attracted to two colour quilts - their graphic appeal is strong, but they leave nowhere to hide in terms of stitching.  My vintage red and white quilt has been meticulously pieced and stitched and sits perfectly flat, definitely the work of an experienced quilter.  I love the bright strength of the red, verging on orange tonings.


Calico and ivy will be re-opening on Thursday 7th with Lynn and Jenny on board.

Our new window display is emerging down here in Mandurah as I write.  It's very uncontrollable wire refusing to let us pass in the living area, without giving us a little nudge.


a little sneak peak

the new window display will be in place on Friday... just another reason to pop in and share new year

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

Don't you just love a new year?

I am not much into resolutions, but I plan and make goals for the year ahead very actively.  I also put that down to having the quiet time to think clearly.

This year I am starting a visual diary expressly for calico and ivy, so as I don't lose sight of what we aim to achieve and present to our customers.

Page one will be neatly pasted and sketched, artfully styled and perfect.  Then, time constraints will see it become more messy, but with the aim being visual inspiration and reminder for myself and the girls here, that is very acceptable... if anything the way I would rather it be.  All a bit like school days to me.

Snippets from my visual musings will be posted here also, as your opinions are sought.

Now back to the business of holiday time...

a peak into my kitchen

Ah... a peaceful place to lay ones head

Please take time over the new year break to relax and compose ideas for your new year ahead.