Friday, January 15, 2010

Harking back to Houston...aquisition 2

Every time I look upon, touch and love this quilt top, my heart skips a few beats and I feel just so privileged to be the current custodian of this very precious textile piece.

 It was either Lynn or Sarah (my travelling companions) who rummaged through a huge pile of quilt tops, and came upon this wonder, but I was the lucky one who carried it home.

The quilt top is made of 9744 tiny 5/8" finished squares, all hand stitched in American piecing style.  Add to this the border strips as shown above and it was a monumental undertaking for it's maker.

The border treatment clinched the deal, as it is so similar to the style of border I have used on many of my own quilts.

The fabrics are all holding their colour well, but a few tears in the stitching have occurred over time, and a few coffee coloured stains are showing, but to me these add to the character of the piece, and just make me love it more.
How lovely it is with the sun streaming through the patches - such a work of art.


  1. i think this beauty should come and live with me..this quilt was worth the trip alone ...

  2. Oh , I'm in love , that is beautiful !