Monday, January 4, 2010

Harking back to Houston...aquisition 1

While in Houston for quilt market I was so drawn to the vintage stands that it was inevitable I would bring some goodies home.

I have always been attracted to two colour quilts - their graphic appeal is strong, but they leave nowhere to hide in terms of stitching.  My vintage red and white quilt has been meticulously pieced and stitched and sits perfectly flat, definitely the work of an experienced quilter.  I love the bright strength of the red, verging on orange tonings.


Calico and ivy will be re-opening on Thursday 7th with Lynn and Jenny on board.

Our new window display is emerging down here in Mandurah as I write.  It's very uncontrollable wire refusing to let us pass in the living area, without giving us a little nudge.


a little sneak peak

the new window display will be in place on Friday... just another reason to pop in and share new year


  1. So gorgeous, Deb - thanks for sharing!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. i was lucky enough to see the quilt in the flesh...noice...glad u reminded me to turn up for work on thursday [teehee!!]i'm sure we will b busy and we have certainly BEEN MISSED...

  3. Hello,
    I look forward to visiting the new shop later this month when we visit from Melbourne in order to find a new home - my husband, our 2 year old daughter and I are relocating to Perth in February/March - one of my criteria for a suitable house is to be close to Calico and Ivy!!!

    See you soon

    P.S Love the new site and your blog.

  4. Is there somewhere to get this pattern?