Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

Don't you just love a new year?

I am not much into resolutions, but I plan and make goals for the year ahead very actively.  I also put that down to having the quiet time to think clearly.

This year I am starting a visual diary expressly for calico and ivy, so as I don't lose sight of what we aim to achieve and present to our customers.

Page one will be neatly pasted and sketched, artfully styled and perfect.  Then, time constraints will see it become more messy, but with the aim being visual inspiration and reminder for myself and the girls here, that is very acceptable... if anything the way I would rather it be.  All a bit like school days to me.

Snippets from my visual musings will be posted here also, as your opinions are sought.

Now back to the business of holiday time...

a peak into my kitchen

Ah... a peaceful place to lay ones head

Please take time over the new year break to relax and compose ideas for your new year ahead.

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  1. hear hear..and we will be with u every step of thee way xxxlynnie