Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Summer holidays - installment 1

My Christmas and New Year are quietly spent at a little ex-fishermans cottage in Mandurah.  Open house is extended to family and friends, and we move our animal menagerie down so they too have the opportunity to experience the change of scenery and their own summer break.

Those of you who know me well, know I have 14 pet rabbits.  It is a long story as to why I have 14 pet rabbits, but I think I can leave that ditty to your imaginations.

Mocha being unusually shy

With a limited battery life and no charger here with me in Mandurah I have only pics of those who chose to co-operate.

bo jangles and bobby mcgee are brothers, but chose not to pose together

hansel and gretel, brother and sister and inseparable


to the left truffle is saying hello, and to the right jelly looks beautiful as usual.

Now my secret is out, and I have been indulged...thanks.


  1. bo jangles is my favorite he reminds me of a lop eared bun i had in the uk ..hope u are resting !! love lynnie