Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Week!

Isn't it always difficult to get back into the groove after a break?  Slowly I am catching up on all of the Calico and Ivy background activities and the class list will be available on our website this coming Monday.

Pat Brown visited this week with her version of Danielle's crochet hexagon blanket.


Pat and her wonderful wide smile.


Pat has embraced crochet enthusiastically.  With a new grandchild around the corner she has whipped up this marvel for the nursery, and has now moved on to Suzie's Taiyo crochet blanket.

Danielle Turner will be teaching the technique for the hexagons in a class this term.  Also available now is a pattern for the blanket priced at $20.00,  a collaborative work by both Danielle and Lynn Jones.


  1. Pat's blanket is wonderful, I so love the colours WOW. I am looking forward to the class list, a good excuse to drive to Perth and stay a while.

  2. it is so wonderful to see the actual pattern creating such wonderful treasures..i wish i could have seen it in the flesh..

  3. I'm so proud of Pat! the blanket is wonderful!