Monday, February 15, 2010

i before e

'Calico' has stocked a book named Flea Market Style for a while now, it is one of those visually inspiring books that always delights me when I flick through.

Heidi Steinmann (see title) bought Flea Market Style some time ago and this book then went on to became her inspiration after finishing a Learn to Crochet class here.  We helped Heidi to make an initial selection of yarns and she now visits regularly to buy add ons for the continuing growth of her crochet squares blanket.  I need add not much more to this story, as it unfolds...

An image extracted from Flea Market Style by Emily Chambers...

...and Heidi's version


Heidi is using Cascade yarn in an off white as the background (100gm - $12.50) and a mix of DK yarns from Debbie Bliss and Cascade for the colour highlights.

You should be so proud Heidi, your blanket is spectacular.


  1. Love, love, love, love, love the blog. It's totally you Deb. I think you need to post at least twice a week to get my creative juices flowing. xo

  2. One the prettiest granny square quilts I've seen. Great colors.

  3. love it! think I may have to get my hands on this book :-)