Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While on the subject...

a little bird told me today that red pepper quilts had used as inspiration for her latest quilt my quilt made from Anna Maria Horner's little folks voiles.  How flattering... and Rita's quilt is another great combination of these fabrics. 
In reading the comments that have been left on both red pepper's and calico's blogs there is great passion for all of Anna Maria's fabrics and I thought I would make another addition to the use of her fabrics. 

About a year ago I pieced this double wedding ring from Anna Maria's good folks collection, and more recently it has been quilted.  Just a binding to go and some perle thread quilting in the centres and she is finished.  As some of you seem to be holding tight to your collections of Anna Maria's fabrics I am hoping this quilt too might inspire you to cut and stitch.

Templates from Matilda's Own (available at Calico and Ivy) make cutting and stitching manageable (I will not deceive you, curved piecing does take patience).  Use a small rotary cutter (28mm) with these templates and you are on your way.

We haven't had 'good folks' for a while now, but I can see this made in Kaffe Fassett's cottons as a definite alternative.


  1. I love this quilt! A beautiful job x

  2. that is SO beautiful! I am so nervous to start curved piecing. I haven't cut into my little folks or good folks lines yet...

  3. Another beautiful and inspiring quilt! Thank you for the link; I have so enjoyed piecing and quilting the Little Folks quilt! Although very daunting working with Voiles it was in fact a joy, even the quilting was a dream.


  4. I think I love this quilt. OH My! Is this why I saved all that "Good Folks" fabric? YES!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I'll have to give in and try that curved piecing. . .soon!