Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I really get the warm fuzzies when a story of a young stitcher comes through our doors.  I believe that all children should be given an opportunity to play with yarn and cloth.  I know the medium will not suit all, but the only way to know is to experience it.
We have a few lost generations (I am speaking in 10 year brackets here), where stitching was not widely embraced and therefore not handed down as a skill.  I truly feel I am one of the lucky ones whose mum patiently taught me all she knew.
I think we now are turning this void around, with parents and even schools choosing to teach and encourage stitch skills again.  Any youngster visiting my home knows the fabric scrap basket is theirs to fossick through and create from.  I still manage to stitch enough to be filling it faster than they empty it, although now that my fabric choice is increasingly Liberty of London, maybe I will have to reassess this situation!

Meet Margot Shorrocks.

Mum Yolande visited Perth from Sydney some weeks back and bought Margot a flannel fabric pack and a Melly and Me pattern named Sangsang.  Over the Easter break Margot enthusiastically made up one doll, and then another as a gift for a friend.  
We were told that Margot completely made all of the doll herself with guidance from mum and is so enthusiastic that on a return visit to Perth this week, Yolande picked up some extra goodies for the next installment.

For me the sweetest part of this all is that Margot is only 8 years old.
What a gem!

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  1. I know this joy - my 9 year old son announced two weeks ago that he wanted to make something and has been making softies ever since. He took the first one to school and is now making orders for kids in his class! It also triggered the first friend to come over for a 'play', 'play' being sewing a softie together. Awesome stuff.