Saturday, April 10, 2010

the quilt

When Lynn Jones began work back at calico she brought with her 'the quilt'.
Using her amazing collection of Liberty prints she has made an amazing off centre log cabin.
Many tiny snippets of special pieces have been slipped into the mix, and each round of logs represents a fabric, and no fabrics have been repeated within the quilt.
Customers drift down to the rear of the shop where this quilt is showcased, and then we don't see them again for quite some time while they absorb this amazing use of fabric.
We ourselves choose to have a bite to eat, or price new stock in the company of this quilt just so that we can tap into its soul for just a little while.

Lynnie's quilt has become a friend to us all.

Melanie from the United Kingdom emailed me the other day wishing for a larger view of 'the quilt' from the one scrolling through on our homepage banner on the website.  Ever wishing to oblige Lynn has agreed it should be showcased for all to see...



  1. Spectacular, spectacular! Can't wait to see it in the flesh at the end of the week!

  2. this is a beauty! love all the patterns! well done!

  3. Inspiring!!!
    I too can't wait to view it in person this week - we have arrived in Perth to live and I need a fabric fix!!

  4. thank u brought a tear to my journey that led me to 'the quilt' started with coming back home to calico and ivy..thank u..lynnie

  5. Stunning! Such a beautiful, beautiful quilt!

  6. Just breathtaking, inspiring and genius.