Friday, March 19, 2010


I was anticipating the arrival of Anna Maria Horner's little folks voiles in all types of strange ways.  
While I had the opportunity to touch and feel in Houston, and see Anna Maria's applications, I wasn't sure how it would stitch, and felt if I didn't love it, I would have troubles selling it... but I just had to have it in the shop.

Last week our order arrived and I was straight into cutting and stitching... as I had to experience the fabric.

All hesitation was thrown aside as I began stitching, as I found it to be a wonderful medium, and freeing beyond belief.  

Just by feeling the softness I knew to attach the walking foot immediately, and off I went...

Despite a march madness head (sinus headaches) I couldn't stop.  Once I strip pieced the top I hurriedly sandwiched the layers and set to with the perle thread and hand quilted frenetically.  It was so addictive, the needle slid through the layers, and the fabric was almost playing with me the whole time.

My thought to keep it simple worked as no frustration was met at any stage, and the fabrics most definitely speak for themselves.

Come on into the shop and have a feel... I suspect you will be tempted to play with the fabric also.

Next week I will kit up this quilt for the shop... it is achievable, and effective.


  1. oh deb it's lovely and all that achieved with a SINUS HEADACHE...gasp..i wonder what i can achieve with a broken? big toe ???? lynnie

  2. very gorgeous!
    I puchased a vintage patchwork coat on the weekend and amazingly the colours and patterns are similar to those in this quilt!

  3. This is gorgeous. Love it , love it

  4. That is lovely to behold. I think I'm going to try this with her flannel scraps I have until I've saved up enough egg money for the voiles.

  5. this is so stunning. i love the motion that the fabrics give it, and the way you arranged it. it is the most amazing strip quilt i have ever seen.

  6. What kind of thread do you use to do your hand quilting? The quilt is very very pretty.

  7. Ooh that looks gorgous. I wasn't tempted before but seeing what you have done with that fabric has inpsired me to grab some and have a go.