Monday, June 7, 2010

Home again

Hubbi, Annie and I have had a little adventure for a week to Coral Bay.  We met up with Danielle (my eldest daughter) and her fiance Nick along with Nick's family, and proceeded to have a fantastic time.
I had never been before, but am so glad that I visited.
The township is simple, clean and looks after it's visitors superbly, from plenty of tucker (the bakery had an amazing broccoli, cauliflower and cheese sauce pie which I think I may have tasted just a few too many times), to the amazing bay.
Of course the highlight of the trip was the Ningaloo Reef... beautiful beyond words and so beyond my imaginings.  We snorkeled and swam and on one occasion kayaked out with a guide, who led us on an experience that I will remember for life...very clearly.

the size and multitude of these fish startled me a little, but I think I startled this baby more than he me.

We swam with turtles (here Anna gets up close)

And after a change of mask I joined the throngs of fish again and became so enthralled with my improved vision that BANG...

I smashed straight into the kayak.
  Yep, there's always someone handy with a camera to catch an awkward moment.

Simple living is the key to an enjoyable stay in Coral Bay


A must see experience for everyone at some stage.


  1. Wow, sounds great. Lucky you!

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