Sunday, August 29, 2010

Building blocks

I have spent the weekend building up packs of Liberty 6 inch squares.  This is one of those jobs that I tend to put off, but once I get going I thoroughly enjoy the process.

From cutting to colour arrangement and on to the final packaging it is a slow job, but totally rewarding, as the finished packs look a treat.

Our dining table was completely covered in all things calico & ivy, so meals have been in the lounge on laps.

On finishing I had a little creative itch to scratch, hence this...

temporarily sticky taped to our lounge room wall.

I really do have a fancy for playing with Liberty wrapped wire, and these will accompany me to Sydney on my next visit in a few weeks, as I have a little secret.

All will be revealed soon.
I do hope you had a joyful weekend.


  1. sshhh...does that mean we can't tell ANYONE? lynnie