Monday, February 14, 2011

Hexie Love

Happy Valentines Day!  On the day where all things are a flutter of love and romance, I thought I'd share a little hexie love. c & i balmain has just received a shipment or two of Japanese sewing and crafty books to make the heart sing.   Amongst them was this cute little book that contained this gem made in Liberty fabrics.

By this time next week, our shelves should be filled with gorgeous new Liberty seasonals. And as one elderly customer who walked in a few weeks ago and exclaimed 'how very excitment', I think of this coming Liberty shipment and  I'm thinking the same - how very excitment indeed!



  1. ooh ...ahhh...just when i think i have my mind sorted..then THIS happens...lovely pics as always ..lynnie

  2. I know the new shipment is coming in, but I couldn't wait! I've just placed an order for some of the current Liberty prints. How excitement!!!