Sunday, March 6, 2011


If you shared in either our Kaffe Fassett workshop on Tuesday or lecture on Wednesday evening, I think that you will be like me - totally inspired!

Where do I start?  Do I pick up the knitting needles, crack some tiles and have a go at a mosaic, pick up a needlepoint and stitch frantically, or start a quilt or two.  Well for me I decided it was back to a quilt I began some time ago, finish it I must, and a new crochet project from some amazing 2 ply crewel wool we are sourcing for the shops.

Kaffe and Brandon have given us all permission to have at least 15 projects on the go at any one time, and who am I to argue this point!  I am all for a little over indulgence!  There is nothing like spending  over an hour being gently swayed back into the colour groove.  Kaffe has been an inspiration for me since an early encounter with his knitting books, and during his lecture he took us back down that road, and then led us back up to his current works, at all times showing how he manipulates shape and colour to achieve beauty.

We have a long weekend here in Perth, and for the first time in the longest while the heat has moderated, so I must strike while the climate is cool and the iron is hot!

Share the pics we took at the workshop on the slideshow to the right and I am sure you will agree that our 30 participants excelled.  Their good humour and enthusiasm was contagious as the day turned on the heat, and our portable air conditioners were tested to the max.  Memorable is the word here.

How joyful it was as some of the emerging quilts reflected their creators personalities so entirely - right down to their selection of clothing for the day!

And of course Brandon always is in for a giggle, from dancing with our air conditioning 'robots', to skylarking in the ocean off Carnac Island.


  1. Looks like it was a fab/fun workshop Deb. I remember that Kaffe Fassett knitting book of yours...way back in the 80's!
    XXX Vicki

  2. What fun..
    Do I see Pattie and Lynnie there??
    Wish I could have been there..
    Julia ♥

  3. it was a great day.. wish we could have a day like it EVERY week..
    how is the crocheting going? well i hope ..