Thursday, April 21, 2011

hexie love continues

We have a BIG easter break coming up, but the shops both will open for easter saturday (we will be closed friday, sunday, monday and tuesday).

I have been playing with fabrics again, and came up with another addition to our hexi love album.

No this is not it, but without realizing it, this is my inspiration.  Marnie (you may remember that she worked in the shop a while back, and is still one of my favourite visitors), was working on a fantastic crochet piece using Noro silk garden and hexagons. I had this pic archived away in my favourites, and began working on a new project a few weeks ago.
I chose to use all fabrics that were in the store on that selected day.  I wanted to use lots, and little (20 cm strips of each).  I cut and cut, and home it all came.
The process needed to be quick and easy to translate as a shop sample, I hoped to have the top finished before embarking on the class lists (see last post).
Not quite finished piecing am I (still need to join the triangles, and rows), but I think you will get the gist.

As it emerged I realized the connection between my subconscious memory of Marnie's work and the work in progress.  Therefore the finished quilt can only have one name... Marnie.



  1. beautiful, both the inspiration and the piece you are quilting...

  2. I love your blog and website but live in Melbourne or would be over in a flash. Hope to visit sometime soon. I love Marnies hexagons in silk garden. Would she mind sharing what size hook she used and the basic pattern. I crochet and knit and quilt. Have done other hexagon blankets but like the simplicity of hers. The trial hex I did looks a bit wavy and tight. Would be happy to pay for the pattern and buy more silk garden from you too. Thanks. Mitali

  3. i love the pencil cases for japan. do you happen to have patterns for them?