Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet Class

Our first crochet class for beginners in Balmain, finished today, with great success.  Heather Hunt - crochet teacher extraordinaire,  has taught these 6 ladies the crochet basics (and some) and to watch them run with their new skills has been wonderful.  Above is Peta, with enough hexies to almost make a cushion.


Here is Adele, with her beautiful scarf made up in Debbie Bliss Andes.

Here is the Crafty Minx herself, Kelly, with one of her two projects that she has on the go at the moment.

Thanks to all the girls for making Monday's so fun in the store.

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  1. Gorgeous, Love it. I'll have to sign up for the next one! I love the nana crafts!