Tuesday, October 11, 2011

inspiration....nathalie lete

This is the very talented artist Nathalie Lete.  So inspirational in so many ways.  Her works are becoming well known around the globe.  Known for her playful, whimsy, naive pieces in many different mediums, they are sure to have you smiling a smile that transports you right back to being a child.

These scarves we have in both stores - Perth & Balmain.  The top ones are cotton scarves perfect for our long hot summers.  Tie one around the neck or pop one into your handbag and elegantly mop your brow when necessary.  They make awesome presents, so stock up for Christmas (yes, scary, it's just around the corner!).  The silk scarfs are simply stunning. Be sure to check them out when in our stores.

Bric a Brac is one of Nathalie's hard to find books, that we have in our stores.  So delightful and inspirational.  Flicking through it, makes me just want to go and create.  Her great use of colour is a great resource too.  Plenty of beautiful colour combinations that are begging to be the inspiration of many quilts.  The little dresser above houses Nathalie's treasured "heroes" that she has often rescued (thrifted) and star in many of her creations.

So, what's inspiring you lately?


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