Thursday, December 23, 2010

a quiet christmas

Anthea created a very 'anthea' window for us this season.
Anthea's style is beautiful simplicity and one of my favourites, many thanks.

More thanks to all of the 'calico' girls for their unerring support and love.  Not a moment passes that I don't feel extreme gratitude for their presence in my life and their roles within the shop.  Each has an individual specialness of quality that they bring into the shop environment...and it is that which makes 'calico' a memorable place to visit.

We are approaching our down time now, and I welcome some special time with my family.

One more day for visiting before we close for a near on two week break.

These are a few new goodies you will encounter in store...

and these...

the new french ribbons have been well received...

and I cannot end the year without tempting you with a little Liberty... bias!

maybe I will catch up with you tomorrow, otherwise we re-open on thursday 6th january 2011, 9.30 on the dot.

It's going to be a great new year... I just know it!

Sarah is busy readying the Balmain shop for our first day of business on 10th January... have a glass of champers for me!

and a little bird told me that the newest Liberty seasonal collection will be available very early on in the new year...yes!!!

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  1. Very excited to see the new store - looking forward to the kids going back to school just so i can have a proper look!