Saturday, January 8, 2011


Our Balmain store is almost ready.  On Monday we open our doors to you all for the very first time!
We are so excited and can't wait to share a bit of 'Calico' love with Sydney.

Months of dreaming, planning, painting, building.....

............choosing, sourcing, waiting.....





...a little bit of sewing....

...primping, preening, tweaking....... and ' Little Calico' is oh , so nearly ready.

We open our doors:
 10am - 5pm  Monday - Saturday
10 Birchgrove Road, Balmain
9555 9909

And because we are in Balmain and Balmain is all about the dog, I need to share with you a little dog love.
This is Otto.

Hoping to see you in the shop soon. Sarah


  1. I can't believe I am going to be away and miss the Grand Opening. My girlfriends and I have been watching your blog and awaiting your opening. We will definitely drop in as soon as I return in early February. Good Luck with your opening!
    Meg, Huntleys Cove

  2. I can't wait! I will definitely be popping in next week. Your shop is going to be really dangerous for me as during term time I am in balmain daily to take my son to school! Eeeeek ;-P

  3. Ooooh! My parents are in Balmain (I grew up there) I can't wait to visit you next time I'm down. It looks gorgeous! LOVE the pears and darling Otto :) x

  4. A rainy week awaits sydney - perfect weather for fabric shopping! Very excited and look forward to visiting this week. Congratulations!

  5. OMG the place is looking amazing can't wait to make a trip down to Balmain for the day and Oh how cute is Otto what kind of dog is he?

  6. Hurrah! I can't wait till I visit during 'Sew it Together' in March!!

  7. Your shop looks divine! And you sell yarn - *heart beats a little faster*.
    If only I weren't in Melbourne. sigh.
    Good luck with your opening.

  8. Looks great, will pop in ASAP after holiday up the coast - looking forward to it. Xx

  9. it's my birthday this week and now I know where I'll be buying myself a present - can't wait to stop by.

  10. I attended the opening today - I think one word sums it up: delicious......oh wait, I have thought of more words: inspiring, fresh, quirky and inviting!!
    Had a lovely shopping experience - thank you Sarah and Donna.
    Looking forward to my next visit.

  11. OMG! That dog is soooooo cute! Gorgeous! Good luck with the store opening... wish I could see it.

  12. Everything looks oh so beautiful! I live in the USA and I can only dream through your pictures. I wish you were down my block!

  13. Wishing you all the best Deb for a great opening and a very successful 2011 and beyond.
    Love Vicki XXXX

  14. Your store looks lovely. I hope you had a very successful first week.

  15. Popped in and the shop is Lovely ! and great range of fabric. Frequent shopper cards - Great Idea :)

  16. What a gorgeous shop! Can't wait to visit next time in the city area! Otto is just gorgeous! I have a Weimaraner too, he is just over 3 years old and his name is Bruno! They are very affectionate dogs! Even at 33kgs mine thinks he is a lap cat!