Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today has been very much a 'catch up' day for me over here in Perth.  Following on from the effort of establishing the Balmain store, I am now slowly putting all the pieces of life back together here at home so it all functions efficiently (well sort of).
Paperwork is one foe... but I am attempting to make it more pleasurable by organising the room that we allocated in the house to be my office into a snug and efficient (and neat) environment.
I am documenting the room in it's present state as an incentive to keep it as such.  The only clutter onwards will be the addition of more treasures, but all paperwork must now find a hidden home.

Incredible order - but for how long?
I fancy the idea of a random inspiration board, but decided a whole wall suited me better!

a tentative beginning - I love using the fabric tape we have in the Mosman Park shop here,
and some snippets...
now to keep it that way...


  1. You were always pretty organised Deb, I have always admired that in you.
    The place is looking great....I like the tape it easy to peel of the wall and move around??
    XX Vicki

  2. looks like a lovely place to create x

  3. can i please live in there ?.....