Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am living in a little bubble of bliss having my karratha girl danielle and her husband nick staying since christmas time.  We all are awaiting the arrival of their first child (due officially on Wednesday), so a sweeter time could not be had.
I admit I am not being awfully productive as I am savouring every single experience and moment I can while in their company as they do live so far away.

I have though been quietly stitching away in the background and a very pleasant and relaxing project it is proving to be. 
In last months 'better homes and gardens' a prints charming bird cushion embroidery project was featured, available from our website.  Many, many girls will have now have received their panel and will be into the stitching process.

I thought I might show my working of the panel section by section as I progress over time, and add a few pics I have of alternate workings for a little stitching inspiration and help for some of our less experienced stitchers.

this is the version shown in Better Homes and Gardens on a white background.

detail and whole panel of other versions

now pics of the progress I am making.
I am working on a linen background alternative the prints charming girls have made with different coloured threads to those in the magazine

to begin with I fill in stitched the neck ornamentation with an uneven satin stitch, using all six strands of my thread, and rows of different colours.
I then made three rows of stitching in different colours around these sections.  The first two being back stitch and the third row running stitch, all using three strands of thread.

Next I added a somewhat wonky yellow 'spine' with an open satin stitch and full six strand thread thickness.  This was so hard to keep even, but with the addition of more stitching it will blend and not be as noticeable.

curlicues worked in a large chain stitch and again six strands are next

and now I am adding lazy daisy flowers with a french knot to centre, backstitch and running stitch shadow stitching and free-form satin stitch and lazy daisy stitch to add a flourish.

the stitching continues...


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous. I love the uneven satin stitch.

    (Discovered via pinterest).