Tuesday, March 20, 2012

catch up

my daughter Danielle delivered a little bundle of girl joy into our lives named Lucy on February 22.  We have cuddled and loved her thoroughly for the two weeks she was staying with us and now sadly they have returned to their home in the Pilbara.
To counteract all sadness on my part I felt some major reworking of the yarn section in the Mosman Park shop was in order... why not take a visit to see, and  explore the seventeen boxes of Rowan yarn and publications delivered yesterday.

Isn't this dress amazing?

Tracy regularly shops with us for dressmaking fabric and came back in wearing one of her creations.
Superbly cut and fitted and ringing with style both she and her dress are a knockout.
Liberty meandering chrysanthemums in red from the latest seasonal collection was Tracy's fabric of choice.


  1. Congratulations Deb and welcome to the wonderful world of granmahood!
    XX Vicki

  2. Congrats - I feel your pain at their departure! And what a wonderful dress. So nice she let you snap her pic AND put it on your blog - but then, with that figure, why wouldn't she? Very nice dress!

  3. Hi there, just came across your blog. Your shops look divine! I will Definately be making a trip to your Balmain store in the very near future.

    I absolutely adore Tracy's dress. Is there any way of finding out what pattern she used to make it pleeeeeeease?