Monday, August 20, 2012

sue spargo

there was some serious business happening in the perth shop a few weeks back, of which the gravity I only truly became aware of on reviewing the pictures shown below.

sue spargo came to town, and our sue spargo devotees came along to her workshops with full intent to soak up as many techniques and tips as they could.  pens were to paper, and needles to thread and fabric with much flourish, and the results were inspiring!

this was the first visit by sue and her sister wendy to perth, and her itinerary was tight, so a little sight seeing before the day's events and a balmy winter's night feasting outdoors in freo town were pretty much all the girls saw of our wonderful state... but we look forward to a return visit with an extended time frame.

textiles, fibre, colour and good humour were bounteous as we squeezed ourselves into the hollowed out fabric room.
'calico' staffers suzie and deborah participated also, so if you would like tips on sue's techniques drop by on their shop days for a chat.

many thanks to the country girls who visited as you added such a lovely dimension to the dynamic
and many of you I hadn't met yet.

thank you sue and wendy, it was a delight to have you both in my home and teaching in our little shop.  
thanks also to all of the 'calico' girls for your input and help in the planning and execution of our busy weekend.
I will keep you posted on the arrival of more fabric and threads from sue's studio for your ongoing textile adventures.

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  1. Well deb all that wouldn't of happened without yourself as the organizer
    So I say and I know I echo so many of the girls that attended
    You don't be bashful .. You really really rock
    Without your shop and fantastic organization skills all our lovely ladies would not have had the opportunity to have had one memorable day...
    I know I say on behalf of so many of the girls