Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Fetes & Puppet Shows

All week it was heads down as we strived for the afternoon tea party and the "puppet show" to follow. Delicious cakes, Jubilee tea cosy complete with corgi and the afternoon was bound to be charming.

Julie Arkell's bunting to inspire us all.  Made from scraps of precious fabric, lace and trim.

Deb's beautiful bunting.  Deb even managed to pull together some mini bunting for our fellow table mates - Debbie T and Clare.

 This is Maude. She is Deb's puppet, complete with knitted vest.  She had a story, it was quite gory - I think along the way that there was a Claude and well, she dispatched of him!

This is my puppet, Celeste.  She collects mushrooms in the Dordogne, amongst other things.  She is only partly dressed. Missing is her apron and velvet sash.

This is one of Clare's two puppets.  Yes, two puppets!  Clare was a dark horse, who claimed she had no skills to speak, employed a team of willing helpers (some of them Australia - nothing like getting the convicts to work) and yet seemed to trump us all and produce two puppets and bunting!  I guess, this was her fourth Julie Arkell workshop!

 These are Deb's Julie Arkell pieces.

The wonderful girls that work so tirelessly to produce amazing meals for us all and provide everything we require in order for us to have an awesome week.  Thank you girls!

Now, if you are intrigued and would love to look at some Julie Arkell pieces of art, Punch Gallery is a little iconic Balmain gallery and they have had Julie's pieces for many years.  They are on sale over the weekend - perfect chance for your very piece!

Happy weekend to you - next time I will include some links to some of the wonderful girls that we shared the workshop with and also - Sue Spargo was in Perth last weekend!  I'm sure Deb has some pics to share.

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