Wednesday, October 17, 2012


my verandah was looking a little tired, so a new lease of life was injected with new cushion covers and a simple tablecloth.
spring blooms were everywhere so I chose to compliment them with even more blooms!  
Anna Maria's velveteen was my selection for cushion covers, as it has the functionality of being hard wearing, plus being super cosy, perfect for snuggling into with a cuppa watching the world go by.

next was the table, so a little of one of my favourite designer fabrics, nani iro, was just dandy.
again flowers a plenty, and now the verandah sings, as I hope do our neighbours and friends as they pass by!

The velveteen is 140cm wide and sells for $40.50, just a couple of metres and some simple stitching and voila!
see on the web here

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  1. Your verandah is beautiful. I love the vibrant contrasting colors and patterns. It truly is beautiful. You have a great design eye!