Monday, November 8, 2010

balmain continued and fabric crochet

Simply put... thanks.  We have read your enthusiastic comments about our new store in Balmain... thanks.  I have received emails with offers of assistance, and talent abounding... thanks.  Even a few heads have popped into the half open doors while the paint dries, and the preparation works continue... thanks.  At such a busy time in the collective lives of those of us at Calico these touches are so uplifting... so many thanks.

Personally what is ringing through clearly is that Balmain is a community of like-minded, friendly, positive souls.  I have lived much of my life in and around Fremantle, here in the west, and that same vibe is what ties me to this environment here.  It feels good... very good.

Anthea has been guiding a class of girls through the ins and outs of fabric crochet.
The enthusiasm was such that before the second class these are some of the goodies the girls whipped up at home.

The above baskets were Jill's creations, just in one week.  The basket in the first image is made of multi-coloured voiles, the lower image shows a green woollen check with cotton string used as a trim for one basket and the other a patterned fabric, with added strips crocheted onto the edge to create the whimsical edging.

Above is Tracy's basket made from cotton fabric with the trims being strips cut from an Indian fabric skirt.

Next term might be your opportunity to learn this fun skill.

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