Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yes, truly enchanting

You may remember this image posted not so long ago.

Nimet sent me what she felt was a rough translation so I could get a gist of the written word.

Here goes:

"For Charlotte de L'Isle (written on door)

How often did the little door of La Charlotte open up?
How many times did faces fall upon finding her shut?
How many pots of chocolate passed through to the dishes, not to mention the cups... or the hands of the washer-man or washer-woman
As for having a rest, how often, how much... No! I stop.

Simply: thank you
For your presence, each of you, your peals of laughter, your silences full of care and attention.

This door which offered me so much and taught me so much will shut once more
and life will open up again, in the country, for other adventures."

We are of the opinion the shop may have closed and the owner moved to the country, as the shop was not open on what would have been a normal trading day (all neighbours were open) or maybe a grateful customer leaving Paris for new pastures presented this to the owner.  Whatever the circumstances, yes the translation was as enchanting as I imagined.

Thanks Nimet

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