Sunday, November 21, 2010

soul blossom wedding

we had a wedding yesterday... the marvellous, beautiful wedding of our daughter Danielle and her fiance Nick. 

The lead up to the wedding was a tad busy, as much to our delight Dani and Nick asked to have the reception in our home.  We had a bathroom to renovate and decided the adjoining room may as well be fixed up in the effort.  This added to the refreshing of the Balmain 'baby calico' kept hubby and I on our toes.

But an amazing calm fell over the house on Friday, we had tizzied, fluffed, arranged, played, cleaned and fussed, until we could no more.  We took a collective deep breath and decided the fun would begin.  So a quiet Friday night led into a casual, laughter filled Saturday.  Everything fell into place perfectly and Danielle met her groom a relaxed, radiant bride, for a ceremony on the water off the cliffs of Blackwall Reach.

Back home to final preparations and Dani and Nick's guests filled our home. It was all candles and flowers and many upbeat, happy friends enjoying a balmy night for an occasion of great merriment.

 Random pics from the night.

I had a few problems with the camera and light over the night and most of my pics are a little blurry.  I will show you our beautiful bride and her dress very soon, on receipt of some better snaps.

Danielle is a girl of colour, and her fabric choice to embellish a couple of the tables came from the latest range of fabric to hit our shelves, Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms, and some of our linen gauze.

Amy chose to capture some of the textile inspirations she experienced while travelling through India for this range.  This collection takes me back to her earlier ranges in colouring and pattern.  The colours suited Danielle's palette of yellow, pink and orange for the wedding, so just arrived in time to play a leading part.  I found some free time on Friday to pop it onto the website here

Just a few more peeks at Amy's Soul Blossom in the shop

exciting isn't it...


  1. Congratulations on the newlyweds...

    The flowers look so lovely and I love the fabrics...

    so nice and cheerful.

  2. beautiful i always knew it would be...congratulations to nick and danielle...look forward to the bridal photo's....lynnie